A NOW FACE was born out of the realisation of finding that many of our digital photo albums are at least ten years old now. We are embedded in this ephemeral reality and memories seem to be no more than meaningless photographs in our camera roll.

This ongoing project is an attempt to make a single portrait of people I come across with and provide it with purpose. These will be representations of themselves now, in this particular moment of their lives. Hopefully, they will become an anchor of this period for them and a reference when looking back.

The second -and final- part of this plan will commence in a decade, when another portrait of each person will be taken. Given they (and myself) are still around, of course. That way subjects will find themselves reflecting on that interval and become aware of how time glides by. Perhaps an ambitious goal but, again, time flies and to demonstrate it is the intention.

A NOW FACE shouts: life is not that long. Where will you be in a decade?